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22 Initial Messages for Fundraisers to Use in 2022

An initial message can be like a first impression, so make sure you put your best digital foot forward with these 22 conversation starters for schools and education fundraisers!

The Get Thru Team

Whether you’ve never used P2P texting for fundraising before or you’re a longtime expert, you might be wondering how you can keep your messaging fresh. Luckily, GetThru is here to help! Below, we’ve compiled 22 P2P texting conversation starters to try in 2022.

1. Young Alumni Stewardship

"Hi [First Name], this is [Sender First Name] from [School Name]! Thank you so much for your last gift of [Amount] to [Designation]. It’s so meaningful when young alumni show their support of our alma mater. What inspires you to give?"

2. Prospect Check-Ins  

"Hi [First Name], it’s [First Name] from [School Name]. Just a quick note to say hello and see how you’re doing. While I have you, can I send you [link about exciting news from campus]?"

3. Graduation Info Collection (Outgoing Seniors)

“Hi [First Name], it’s [Sender Name] from the alumni office at [School Name]. We’re so excited to celebrate your graduation with you! While campus will always be your home away from home, we want to keep in touch. Can I send you a link to update your contact info?"

4. Senior Class Giving (from Class Ambassador)

"Hi [First Name], it’s [Sender Name], your Class of 2022 ambassador for our senior class gift! We’re so close to our goal. With just [$XXXXX] to go, can we count on you to make your gif today?"

5. Giving Day

"Hi [First Name], it’s [Sender Name] at [School Name]. Happy Day of Giving! Last year, alumni and friends like you raised [$XXXXX] to support [impact statement here]. Can we count on you to renew your gift again this year?"

6. Second Ask to Leadership Donors at Fiscal Year-End

"Hi [First Name], it’s [Sender Name] from [School Name]. Thank you for your gift of [Amount] on [Date]. As a loyal donor, you might be aware our fiscal year is almost over and we’re [$XXXXX] away from hitting our goal. Would you consider making an additional gift of [$XXX] to help push us over the top?"

7. Alumni/Donor Survey

"Hi [First Name], it’s [Sender Name] at [School Name]. I’m reaching out today because we’re hoping to learn what issues or programs on campus are most important to you. Would you say you’re most engaged with the student emergency fund, arts programs, athletics, or something else?"

8. Pledge Reminders

"Hi [First Name], it’s [Sender Name] at [School Name]. Thank you for your pledge of [Amount] on [Date] to [Designation]! Your support truly makes a difference. May I send you a link to fulfill your pledge online today?"

9. Engagement/Advice Request from Alumni

"Hi [First Name], it’s [Sender Name] at [School Name]! We’re getting ready to welcome the class of 2026 to campus, and we want to share the wisdom of our alumni with the next generation. I’d love to hear from you: what advice would you give to a [School Name] student?"

10. Alumni Chapter Recruitment

"Hi [First Name], it’s [Sender Name] from alumni relations here at [School Name]. We’re always looking to expand our alumni chapters & we love to send you information about upcoming events & staying involved. Can I send you a link?"

11. Homecoming Concierge

"Hi [First Name], it’s [Sender Name] at [School Name]! Thank you for registering for Homecoming! The big day is TOMORROW, and we’re so excited to welcome you back to campus. If any questions come up, just text this number back and we’ll get you the info you need. Go [Mascot]!"

12. Stewardship

"Hi [First Name], it’s [Sender Name] from [School Name]. I just wanted to reach out and send my sincere thanks for your support this year, and particularly your last gift of [Amount] to [Designation]. Our new annual report detailing the impact of donor generosity was just published - can I send you a link to that?"

13. Direct Mail Supplement

"Hi [First Name], it’s [Sender Name] from [School Name]. This week, you should be receiving a piece of mail from [program name] Dean, asking you to renew your generous support. Would you prefer to make your gift online now?"

14. Giving Tuesday

"Hi [First Name], it’s [Sender Name] from [School Name]. Today is Giving Tuesday, an international day of giving. Will you consider making a gift to your alma mater today to support [more info here] and help us reach our goal?"

15: Calendar Year-End Push

"Hi [First Name], it’s [Sender Name] from [School Name]. 2022 is quickly coming to a close, and I wanted to send our thanks for all of your support throughout the year. You may have seen that we have a year-end campaign to reach [Goal Amount] before the clock strikes midnight on December 31st. Will you consider making a gift today to help us get there?"

16. Giving Society Welcome

"Hi [First Name], it’s [Sender Name] from [School Name]. We’re so thrilled to welcome you to [giving society name here]! Your generosity will make an incredible impact on our students and alma mater. Do you have any initial questions about [giving society name] or the impact of your gift?"

17. Phonathon Follow-Up

"Hi [First Name], it’s [Sender Name], a student caller from the phonathon at [School Name]. We tried to call you a few times but unfortunately weren't able to reach you. I wanted to personally thank you for your last gift of [Amount] in [Year]. Would you consider renewing or increasing your gift today?"

18. Athletics Supporters Outreach

"Hi [First Name], it’s [Sender Name] from [School Name]. As a donor to our athletics fund, you receive early access for [sport name] season tickets! Can I send you the link to request your tickets today? Go [Mascot]!"

19. First-Time Donor Stewardship

"Hi [First Name], it’s [Sender Name] from [School Name]. I was so excited to see that you recently made your very first donation to our alma mater. Thank you so much! If I can ever answer any questions for you, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [Email] or [Phone]. While I have you though, may I ask what inspired you to give?"

20. Crowdfunding

"Hi [First Name], it’s [Sender Name] from [School Name]. I’m excited to reach out to you and share today about the many crowdfunding opportunities our community is currently spearheading. My personal favorite is [example here]. With the fundraising deadline coming up, it’s a great time to make an impact! Can I send you more information so you can make a gift to the cause most important to you?"

21. Event Reminder

"Hi [First Name], it’s [Sender Name] from [School Name]. Thank you for registering for [Event Name]! Just a reminder that it starts tomorrow at [Time]. Are there any questions we can answer for you ahead of the event?"

22. Giving Day Volunteer/Peer Fundraiser Recruitment

"Hi [First Name], it’s [Sender Name] from [School Name]. Our day of giving is coming up quickly, and we need volunteers to help us send texts to your fellow [Alumni / Parents / Donors] to get the word out to ensure we reach our goal. Will you consider joining us as a volunteer texter? We’ll make sure you get trained, and we’ll all text together on Zoom the day of. We’d love to have you!"

If you decide to incorporate any of these conversation starters into your next texting campaign, let us know how it goes! You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook and let us know what you want to see next in this series — should we do politics, nonprofit outreach, issue advocacy, or something else? And, if you're ready to take your outreach to the next level, schedule some time with us to see if ThruText is a good fit for your organization.


The Get Thru Team

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