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About us

Meet The Team

Get to know us, why we love working at GetThru, and as a bonus, the pets you might spot on Zoom.

People & Operations
Daniel Souweine Photo

Daniel Souweine

ceo & Founder

Daniel ran the national texting program on the Bernie 2016 presidential campaign. He came away so impressed with P2P texting that he started his own company! Before Bernie, Daniel was a co-founder of Citizen Engagement Lab, an incubator for online organizing projects. He lives in Oakland, CA, with his partner Emily and their daughter Sasha.

Noemi Millman

VP of Engineering

Noemi got her start building software for public interest organizations and after a decade in startups (including co-founding two), she's delighted to return to her roots. A lifelong New Yorker, Noemi enjoys long walks on the sidewalk, admiring unusual architectural details, grousing about subway delays and afternoons of karaoke.

Josh Frank Photo
Nathan Olson Photo

Nathan Olson

Head of People and Operations

Nathan found his passion for advocacy and civic engagement through his early work in organizing and campaigns. He has held leadership roles in a variety of spaces, including serving as Executive Director of the Presidential Innovation Fellows program and designing national operations and field programs at Obama for America. Nathan is based in San Francisco where you'll find him running in parks and baking all the treats.

Josh Frank

Head of product

Josh started his career in the late '90s as a self-taught design and front-end generalist and has spent the past decade building UX and Product teams. Josh enjoys getting outdoors with his family and their dog and slowly reading sci-fi/fantasy novels while his wife blazes past him. Having grown up a swimmer in land-locked Illinois, he's looking forward to learning to surf in his new home, southern Maine.

Josh Frank Photo
Micah Morris Photo

Micah Morris

VP of Sales & Marketing

Micah Morris is a campaign, nonprofit, and sales professional with over 15 years’ experience raising money, coaching teams, and running programs to create a tangible difference in people's lives. A first-generation professional, Micah focused on social change work and community organizing while attending college in rural Appalachia. She went on to serve in SaaS sales leadership for NGP VAN/EveryAction, on campaigns for Vice President Kamala Harris and former Governor Terry McAuliffe, and for nonprofits of all sizes from The Crisis Center in Bristol, Virginia to Planned Parenthood Action Fund in Washington, DC. Micah lives in Richmond, Virginia with her husband, dog, and cat and enjoys hiking in the Blue Ridge, exploring the local food and beer scene, and fighting to expand affordable housing by serving on her community land bank.

Rachel Cleary

Sales lead

Before GetThru, Rachel spent years in higher education and non-profit fundraising. She now leverages that experience to support our clients, and one of her favorite parts of her job is digging in on P2P strategies and messaging. Outside of work, you’re most likely to find Rachel reading  and hanging out with her husband and her dog, Sadie.

Rachel Cleary Photo
Cat Allen Photo

Cat Allen

Senior Marketing Manager

Cat's joined the GetThru Team to merge her professional background in advertising and brand strategy with her personal passion of organizing for progressive causes and candidates. Cat is based in Memphis, TN, and when she isn't organizing around local and state issues, she's raising one pretty exceptional daughter, cooking, painting, and petting all the dogs.

JD Yates

Client Success Lead

JD has built client success and support processes for a variety of startups, and he came to GetThru to create amazing customer experiences that help propel progressive causes to victory. JD is a self-identified science and tech nerd with an affinity for physics, gaming, and bingeing anything sci-fi. When he needs to get away, he visits the animals on his family's alpaca ranch (Serenity and Sweet Confection pictured here).

JD Yates Photo
Cat Allen Photo

Tori Middlebrooks

Sales & Special Projects Manager

Tori's experience is in the higher education annual giving space managing Phonathon and P2P texting. Tori lives in Lakewood, Ohio but is a Steelers fan at heart! In her free time, Tori loves spending time with her English Bulldog, Charlie, exploring the Metropark & finding the best cold brew Cleveland has to offer!

Emilia Hinckley

Sales Manager - Politics & Advocacy

Emilia has spent her career as an organizer in the labor, non-profit, and electoral campaign worlds. Having used GetThru's tools in her own campaigns, she is excited to help other progressive campaigns be successful! Emilia is based in St. Louis with her partner and two cats. She loves crafting, dancing, and finding any excuse for a dinner party with friends.

JD Yates Photo
Max Knutsen Photo

Max Knutsen

Client success manager

Max got his start at GetThru as a ThruTalk clicker and dialer manager, and later transitioned to the technical support team and is excited to bring his support expertise to the Client Success team. Before GetThru, Max split his time between working at a bookstore and tracking healthcare legislation at the state level. Based in Portland, Maine, when Max isn't working, you'll find him running, reading and spending time with his dog, who is also named Max!

Feather Knee

senior software engineer

Feather most recently worked at NVIDIA and is excited to solve problems and build solutions on the developer team at GetThru. Feather lives in California and loves gardening and being outdoors with her partner and two chihuahua "special blend" dogs, Blue & Josie.

Feather Knee Photo
Koll Johnson Photo

Angela Kinder

Senior software engineer

Angela brings experience in start-up, fortune 500 and governmental institutions to the GetThru Engineering Team. She's primarily a back-end engineer dedicated to efficient and well-designed code. Angela lives in Halifax, Canada, and outside of work you can find her making and eating food (but avoiding doing dishes) and exploring a new hobby - making maple syrup from trees in her yard!

Troy Martin

Senior software engineer

Troy has been a Rubyist since 2010 and started working with Elixir in 2017. He can say with confidence that he prefers the functional paradigm. Troy is a proud dad to his daughter Emma and an avid outdoorsman.  He also enjoys the occasional lacrosse game.

Laura Smith Photo
Laura Smith Photo

Jim Brewer

software engineer

Jim has spent his entire career in software development with a particular soft spot for user experience. He brings all those skills to our tech team as a front end developer. After work, you’ll likely find Jim still by a computer, audio mixing at church, or spending time with his family in Rochester, NY.

Anael Berrouet

Senior Software Engineer

Anael originally got a degree in astrophysics, but career shifted into software development after graduating from a bootcamp. Prior to joining GetThru, Anael was working in the fintech space in Toronto, and he's excited to bring his Elixir experience to the team. Anael loves to participate in triathlons, enjoys cycling, and is also spending a lot of time outside of work learning to play the drums.

Feather Knee Photo
AJ Dexter Photo

Scott Millard

Principal DevOps Engineer

Scott has 20+ years of experience writing and supporting custom built applications, and is excited to build processes for fast, secure, and stable product deployments at GetThru. Scott lives in Orlando and is interested in all things aviation - humans weren’t meant to stay on the ground! When he's not thinking about flying, Scott enjoys basking in the Florida sun, taking cruises, and exercising with his outdoor bootcamp.

Joanna Sese

software engineer

Before joining GetThru, Joanna was a software engineer in the world of financial tech, a digital organizer on a congressional campaign, an admin in the non-profit sector, and an art conservation apprentice at a couple of museums in Massachusetts. She lives in New Orleans, Louisiana with her dog Simon and visits her family in California whenever possible.

Laura Smith Photo
Laura Smith Photo

Jarvis Mishler

Senior devops engineer

Jarvis a former server/bartender that got a crash course in DevOps at a consulting startup and found a passion for automation. He's excited to work with the DevOps team at GetThru to improve our cloud infrastructure, speed release & delivery processes, and automate everything! In his free time, you'll find Jarvis watching horror movies, playing tabletop roleplaying games, and studying linguistic science.

Matt Silbernagel

Senior Software EngineeR

Matt has been writing software for more than 10 years and has worked with just about every language out there, though he's excited to be working at GetThru in a language he loves (Elixir). Matt's family includes his wife, Leslie, and one son, Miles. They have two (rescued) dogs and foster dogs through their local animal shelter. They love camping and their goal is to visit every National Park (52 more to go!). Other passions include music, Reds baseball, and open-source software.

Matt Silbernagel Photo
Boris Okner Photo

Boris Okner

Principal Software Engineer

Boris comes to GetThru with over 30 years' experience working as a software developer in a variety of industries. His hobbies include chess (and is a former competitive player!) and cooking. He has a passion for math and lives in Ontario with his wife, with whom he has three children.

Toni Susi Photo

Toni Susi

Senior Product Manager

Toni was a ThruText power user before She joined the GetThru Team. She is passionate about LGBTQ rights, economic justice, and making college tuition affordable. Toni is happily based in Western Mass.

Adam White

Senior Product Manager

Adam is all about accessible technology and quality assurance for GetThru users as he works on our Support team. Away from his computer, he enjoys volunteering with local campaigns in his city of Memphis, TN and taking his cat Noodles on long walks to sniff bushes.

Adam White Photo
Bart Jackson Photo

Bart Jackson

Quality Assurance Specialist

Bart has worked in Information Technology for over 12 years and when he learned about GetThru, he fell in love with company’s story and knew this was a place he wanted to be. When he’s not working, Bart and his wife travel to gaming and Sci-fi conventions all over the U.S, DragonCon is a favorite. Bart also enjoys volunteering with gaming companies to teach the latest tabletop and board games to convention attendees

Abby Bateman

Support Lead

Passionate about voter outreach and helping others get involved in the political process, Abby is active in San Diego, CA local progressive politics. When she's not busy leading our team of Dialer Mangers and Monitors, you can often find her at a Padres game, watching documentaries or hanging out with her cat, Jackie.

Abby Bateman
Lindsey Kelly

Lindsey Kelly

Support Lead

Fun fact: Before Lindsey started with GetThru, she was a practicing nurse with an interest in the fight for universal healthcare. She now brings that same level of care as she supports GetThru users. Based out of beautiful upstate New York, you can find her outside spending time with her dogs and chickens.

Brian Kuboi

senior Technical Support coordinator

Brian started using GetThru products as a volunteer during the 2018 election season, and cares deeply about making sure GetThru users have the best support experience possible. When Brian isn't answering tickets, you'll find him enjoying California's warm weather, playing tennis, coaching classes and giving one-on-one lessons.

Brian Kuboi Photo
Kim Lane Photo

Kim H.

technical support coordinator

Kim's diverse background spans from Corporate Marketing, Business Development & Competitive Intelligence to Technical & Customer Support. Kim is a member our Support team and is deeply committed to our client's success. A beach loving Long Islander, Kim ditched the Fortune 500 life to join GetThru's mission driven team. Outside of work, you'll find Kim spending time with her two sons, playing with her dog Maggie or traveling with her husband, Chris. Kim is particularly proud of helping her youngest son on the autism spectrum channel his inner superhero daily!

Heather Giamona

Technical support coordinator

Heather is passionate about providing high quality support. With a background in information technology, she was excited to begin using her experience as a part of the GetThru support team and assist with users’ technical needs. Based in the Portland, OR area, you can often find Heather walking trails with her three chihuahuas and reading in her free time.

Heather Giamona Photo
DJ Susi Photo

Rachel Machette

technical support Associate

Rachel brings extensive experience in customer service and a passion for helping people to the Support team. Rachel worked with GetThru for three years as a clicker and had a temporary role with the support team during the height of the election last year. Previously, Rachel worked as a nanny to help raise five children, plus two children of her own, and the thing she loves the most is spending time with family and friends. She's also a fan of gaming, hiking, swimming, and all things outdoors.

Bilal Chaabi

technical support coordinator

Bilal has worked across many aspects of ThruTalk during his time at GetThru. He originally started as a clicker, and later worked as a list sorter, and joined the Support team full time a few months prior to the 2020 election. Bilal is based in Detroit, MI, and outside of work, you'll find him gaming, bike riding, cooking, and playing sports.

Max Knutsen Photo
Max Knutsen Photo

Grant Peretz

Technical support associate

Grant started at GetThru in 2019 as a ThruTalk clicker. Since then, he's also worked as a dialer manager and part of the oversight team during the 2020 election. Outside of work, Grant loves playing chess and trivia games. Fun fact: Grant is also currently completing a degree in Data Science.

Jessica St. Jean

Technical support associate

Jessica has always had a passion for community work and officially started working with local elections in 2017, including the Andrew Gillum for Governor Campaign. She later served as a Field Organizer with NextGen Florida and used GetThru tools to help register 800+ young people for the 2020 election, and is excited to bring that experience to the GetThru support team to help our clients. Jessica loves traveling, random trips to the beach, trying out new small businesses around South Florida and most of all spending time with her family.

Max Knutsen Photo
Jane Barker Photo

Jane Barker


Jane was born and raised in England, and came to America in her early twenties. Over the past couple of decades she’s handled finance for nonprofit organizations in the youth, homelessness, environmental, and social justice spheres.  In her spare time she loves to dance & listen to live music, explore & photograph the great outdoors, and participate in amateur motorsports.

Vickie Willis

Senior Human resources manager

Vickie's HR background is in the creative environment of the music industry, where she worked for small record labels, as well as major global players. She lives in the Nashville area with her husband and when she's not advising and supporting managers and employees, you will find her enjoying time with family members who live across the country, reading fiction, or playing the piano. Her happy place is a waterfall at the end of a scenic hike.

Jon Warnow Photo
Jon Warnow Photo

Leeanne Dongses


Leeanne takes care of all things admin and operations at GetThru and works to ensure a smooth behind-the-scenes operation. Outside of work, she loves serving in her local church in Alameda, CA, and spending time with her family, especially her son, Teddy.

Becky Saylor


Becky has a background in tax as well as small business accounting, and handles a variety of finance-related duties here at GetThru. When she's not crunching the numbers, you'll find Becky gardening and hanging out with her husband and cats.

Jon Warnow Photo
Jon Warnow Photo

Jeaneen Bodie

Billing and Collections Manager

Jeaneen brings an innate talent for quickly building a positive rapport with internal and external stakeholders to the GetThru team, and is a numbers enthusiast who enjoys digging into financial data, tackling new challenges, and finding creative solutions. Jeaneen lives in West Virginia and loves spending time with her family, going to karaoke, and gardening.