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If you’re ready to jump straight to our open roles, you can do that here. Otherwise, read on to learn just a few of the reasons why GetThru is a great place to GetHired.


In addition to working with some of the best people around, here are some of the other benefits of working at GetThru:

  • 100% coverage of employee and dependent health benefit premiums including medical, dental, vision and mental health
  • 401(k) plan with company match (dollar for dollar match on the first 3%; then 50 cents on the dollar on the next 2%)
  • 4 weeks of vacation each calendar year
  • Employee profit-sharing pool 
  • Employee initiated tool grants to nonprofits 
  • Annual wellness perk
  • Home office and equipment stipend
  • Professional development stipend

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

We believe that our commitment to DEIB makes us a more effective company. It helps us make better decisions, work more effectively with our clients, and be more resilient. And, we think it creates a more engaging and enjoyable workplace, which helps our employees thrive over the short and long term.

We’re intentional about creating a company that embraces diversity, advances equity, and fosters an inclusive environment where everyone feels a sense of belonging. Our commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) is central to our mission of promoting progressive social change, and a crucial component of our core value “Make Space for Everyone.”

Here are a couple of the ways we seek to live out this value, though we remain dedicated to growing our tactics for building a more inclusive workplace:

  • Representation
    Our overarching goal is to build a company that reflects the diversity of the United States, and we recognize that we have considerable work to do to meet this broad goal. By the end of 2026, we aim to have a company that is 40% BIPOC and 50% non cis-man. We made our first full-time talent acquisition hire and are iterating on our hiring processes to reduce bias and increase representation across all levels of the company.  
  • Growth Opportunities
    We piloted an apprenticeship program to experiment with formal mechanisms for helping employees develop skills for possible role changes, make lateral moves within the company, and better ensure equitable access to opportunities, particularly for employees from underrepresented groups.
  • Compensation
    We partnered with a woman-managed compensation consultant to audit our compensation practices with a DEIB lens. We are in the process of updating those practices and policies to ensure that people with the same roles and responsibilities are paid equitably, that compensation decisions are made in the same way across departments and managers, and that we are minimizing implicit bias in all compensation-related decisions such as salary offers and raises.
  • Celebration
    We acknowledge moments such as Black History Month, Pride Month, and Indigenous Peoples’ Day with company-wide Slack posts and invite employees to engage or reflect with resources to further their understanding and uplift the communities we are celebrating. We also made Juneteenth (June 19) a company holiday.


We love building great tools that help our clients reach their goals, but it’s not the only thing we love building. We work hard to create an inclusive, engaged, and just plain fun place to be. 

If someone were to shadow one of our employees for a day, here’s a few things we think they’d notice about what it’s like to work here:

  • Remote
    GetThru has been a remote company since day one. We’re not shy about singing the praises of a fully-remote environment and similarly, we’re honest about the challenges associated with remote work, and how we collaborate to address them. Ultimately, being a remote workplace means that we can hire from anywhere, maintain a dedicated focus on solid communication practices, and afford our team the flexibility to work in an environment with no commutes, more time with pets and family, and more control over their day-to-day lives.
  • Collaborative
    At both a department and company level, we’re intentional about creating opportunities to co-work, socialize, and troubleshoot in a way that brings departments together and affirms that everyone has a voice. We host company-wide coffee & tea breaks, co-working hours, and various departments will host office hours to give others the opportunity to see what they’re working on, ask questions, and strengthen relationships. As a practice, we involve stakeholders early and often in projects and believe in doing our work at the appropriately highest level of visibility to allow for adaptable and iterative projects.
  • Celebratory
    We believe in celebrating generously. Whether it’s a birthday, work anniversary, new family member, or a post-election sigh of relief, we seize every opportunity to celebrate and be celebrated. We have a whole Slack channel devoted to talking about what a great job our colleagues are doing, along with the incredible impact our clients are having in the world. And we’ve been known to send some pretty great swag boxes.
  • Customer-Focused
    We love our clients, we care about the results of their work, and we are diligent in providing levels of service and support that demonstrate our commitment to them. Two cornerstones of this commitment are being responsive to their technical needs, and being consultative in our sales and success roles. At GetThru, the average response time to a support ticket is 12 minutes, and the average first response time to a live chat is one minute. We know timing is everything for our clients, and we won’t make you wait. Additionally, a lot of our employees come from the world of campaigns and nonprofits — we understand our clients’ needs and make recommendations for our tools based on your objectives, not ours. Once you’re a client, we also have plenty of continuing education resources to help you get the most out of your time with ThruText and ThruTalk.
  • Mission Driven
    Our dedication to progressive social change doesn’t just end at the clients we choose. It also informs some of the ways we choose to operate as a company. Wherever possible, we endeavor to be part of progressive social change in a material way beyond the clients we’re proud to work with. You can see more about the GetThru Charitable Fund here.
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