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Our peer-to-peer texting software lets you have thousands of simultaneous text message conversations through a centralized, trackable system.

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ThruText, Explained

All you need is name
and phone number. We
scrub out the landlines.

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Create a Campaign

Draft an initial message
with recipient name or
any other custom field.

Texters collect data
based on questions
you provide.

Texters send messages
and have conversations with anyone who replies.

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why thrutext

Best-In-Class P2P Texting

Since 2016, we’ve helped over 1,000 organizations send over 200 million messages. Here’s some reasons why our clients chose ThruText.


ThruText’s admin tools are lightning fast, and texters can send over 200 messages per minute.


Our customizable data collection, advanced targeting options, and robust quality control tools help you text with precision and care.


ThruText has unparalleled uptime, and our friendly support team is available seven-days-a-week if you need help.

Mission Aligned

Our roots are in progressive politics, and we care deeply about our clients, their contacts, and the long-term sustainability of P2P texting.


We prioritize security throughout the product development, design, and QA process. See our full Security Standards.


No Minimums. No Obligations.

Our flexible pricing plans are built to fit the varied ways your organizations text.

"From the technology to the team behind it, working with GetThru has taken our distributed organizing to a new level."
National Nurses United
Elise Nabors
Assistant Director of Communications
"ThruText has been a vital digital tool and has helped us move thousands of people into action all across the country. Whether for mass call turnout, electoral engagement, or a #GreenNewDeal Distributed Day of Action, ThruText has been easy to use whether we are sending 1 text or 10,000."
Sunrise Movement
Howie Stanger
Chief Operating Officer

Our Clients

Who We Work With

More than 1,000 organizations have used GetThru for event recruitment, volunteer engagement, surveys, fundraising, and more. Our clients include political campaigns, advocacy organizations, non-profits, unions, colleges, universities, and independent schools.

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