We've Got Your Back

GetThru products are built on best in class security practices to keep you protected at all times.

Product Security by Design

As a software as a service company, we build security in by design. The security team works closely with the Product Development, Design, and QA team to ensure that security is always a top priority by:

Layered Defense

Medieval castle designers understood the importance of a layered defense. We too understand the importance of using multiple safeguards to repel attackers and protect your data. Our security architecture includes:

In addition to the above, we employ a variety of other technologies including Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS), Anomaly scanning, and Host vulnerability scanning.

Access Control

We keep the keys to the kingdom carefully locked away.

Trust But Verify

Security is at the heart of GetThru’s company ethos and product stability. To ensure a strong foundation, we have in place a robust information security program for all employees.
All team members receive annual security awareness training and new hires receive a security orientation personalized to their role. In addition, the security team presents a monthly security brief in addition to posting regular and relevant security-related topics. Every employee reviews and agrees to follow security policies at least annually. We believe in "trust, but verify" and routinely audit policies for compliance.

We'll Be There For You

GetThru was born in the cloud and engineered to be highly reliable, fault-tolerant and scalable. We know that your tools are only as valuable as their uptime and we are proud to say ours is unparalleled. 

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