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GetThru Announces $600K in Funding to Progressive Organizations

A record-setting year for the company’s grantmaking efforts goes to organizations training the future of the movement, pushing for progressive policy.

The Get Thru Team

At GetThru, part of our mission is to build a sustainable company that promotes progressive social change. In 2019, we formed the Charitable Giving Committee as just one of the ways to live out that facet of what drives us as a company. You can see our 2020 grantees here. The CGC is comprised of GetThru employees who volunteer their time to direct grant funds which represent a portion of GetThru’s pre-tax profits each year.

The committee centered its focus for 2021 towards choosing organizations that build capacity for grassroots organizing and promote criminal justice reform. These grantees have built programs around leadership development, training, campaign development, outreach, direct action, and policy advocacy as key aspects of their work. It was also important to the committee to provide a portion of funding to organizations in specific states where increased support may be particularly significant as a result of legislation that works against progressive policy and values.

As a result of months of research, interviews, and consensus-building, the GetThru Charitable Giving Committee is thrilled to announce our 2021 grantees. Thirteen amazing organizations focused on the areas of promoting progressive social change and fighting for a better criminal justice system. 

Giving Area 1: Support for Progressive Organizers

Giving Area 2: Support for Criminal Justice Reform

This year’s grant round represents a total of $600,000 to these organizations, to invest in the future of the progressive movement. We are honored to support this work.

After the CGC concluded this grant round, we sat down with Kiah Yancy, UX Designer, and Heather Giamona, Technical Support Coordinator, to ask them about their time co-chairing the CGC together, how they guided the discussions around grant areas, decision-making, and what made them want to be part of these efforts. You can see an excerpt from our conversation below. 

How did the CGC arrive at this year's focal point for giving? What ideas or events served as catalysts if any?

The committee discussed what issues and causes really spoke to each of us and where we felt giving could be most impactful. We decided to focus on two giving areas. From the start, we knew we wanted to give to organizations that worked in grassroots organizing. They're in the trenches helping train and support organizers and we believe that work is vital for progressive social change. And we also wanted to give to organizations fighting for criminal justice reform. The work organizations do to raise public awareness and push for policy change is remarkable. We’re really excited to be able to show our support for organizations focused on striving for change in these areas.

What about our grantees' work made them stand out? Any particular areas of focus to highlight?

Our committee did significant research into organizations across our two focal points for giving. The organizations we selected were a combination of ones formed in the last few years that have made significant strides in their time and organizations that have a longer history of success, but they’re all working towards the same goals. It was important to us that the organizations’ leaders were representative of the communities served and were dedicated to assisting BIPOC and low-income communities. One significant focus across both giving areas is work in leadership development, which we feel is key for continued growth.

With regard to serving on the CGC, what made you want to join and why is this work important to you?

Heather: I was so excited after learning about the CGC. To be a part of a company that wants to give back in this way and help the progressive movements we stand for means so much. We’re in a time where so many are struggling, and you see these organizations doing the real work out there, advocating for change and fighting for all of our futures. Being able to support these organizations and let them know we appreciate all they do was such a gift to me. I loved collaborating with the committee, and it was a real pleasure being able to meet some of these organizations’ leaders.

Kiah: I wanted to join the CGC this year because, after such a rough 2020 for a lot of the world, I saw this committee as another opportunity where I could help others who needed it most. Charitable Giving has always been important to me because I believe that sharing your time and resources with those around you is what life is all about. Being able to serve in this committee with a like-minded group of people was the icing on the cake for me and I would love the chance to do it again.

The whole team at GetThru sends our thanks to all members of the Charitable Giving Committee, and sends our gratitude and respect to the grantees for their tireless work to create a more just world.


The Get Thru Team

GetThru was created by veterans of Bernie 2016, where we helped build the campaign’s historic voter contact operation. In the process, we saw the need for better technology for large scale 1-to-1 communication that reaches people where they are—on their cell phones.

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