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GetThru in 60 Seconds

Watch the power of ThruText and ThruTalk in our new explainer videos.

Joanna Williams

Sales Manager

Here at GetThru, we know that our tools are powerful. We know they’re fast. And we know they can help progressive campaigns win and help organizations scale up their impact.  

But we also know that not everyone understands exactly how our tools work or how they can use them to help their cause. And we also know that people are short on time. We wanted anyone who watched our videos to be able to walk away with a good idea of how our product functioned and ultimately how it could benefit them. 

So we made two short videos to help communicate the power of our tools in a quick, engaging, and approachable way.

When we first started this project, our objective was clear: We wanted to create short, concise videos that focused on what sets our tools apart. For ThruText, that meant showcasing our speedy Messenger, robust data collection tools, and easy-to-use system. For ThruTalk, that meant demonstrating the ability to call cell phones and landlines at blazing-fast, autodialer speeds. 

We were thrilled to work with the team at Push Collaborative. Their team created two 60-second explainer videos that not only showcase the power of ThruText and ThruTalk, but they also visualize how our tools can help increase engagement, catalyze action, and drive impact. 


Joanna Williams

Joanna has dedicated her career to politics, advocacy, and driving change. Based out of Baltimore, MD, you can catch her writing, cooking South Indian food, and cheering for her favorite NBA team, the Trail Blazers.

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