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GetThru’s 2020 — By the Numbers

Take a look at the victories GetThru users had this year

The Get Thru Team

While the 2020 Election cycle is not over just yet (we, like the rest of the country, are eagerly awaiting the outcome of the Senate runoffs in Georgia), the team at GetThru is looking back at this year with immense pride at what all GetThru users were able to accomplish under trying circumstances. Pushing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris into the White House, flipping five key states in the Electoral College, passing crucial ballot measures, and winning down-ballot races, were vital victories that took all of us.    

This year also brought with it the unexpected and the unprecedented. When the COVID-19 pandemic began, campaigns had to pivot on the fly. Field programs became almost entirely digital, and organizers had to become reliant on our contact tools much earlier than they planned. With so many people becoming more dependent on our tools sooner than they may have expected, we stepped up our game, scaling our technical infrastructure so our tools could keep up. We’re proud of the results and what was achieved. 

When GetThru was founded in 2016, our mission was to build better one-to-one outreach tools to help progressives organize at scale. We believed in the power of peer-to-peer texting to became a vital asset for campaigns, and we understood how important it was to be able to call voters not only on landlines but on their cell phones as well. Since then, ThruText and ThruTalk have been used by some of the most urgent races across the country. This year was no different and we’re proud to have been the texting and calling tools used by Joe Biden for President, Mark Kelly in Arizona, Cori Bush in Missouri, and Jamaal Bowman in New York, and so many more.

Moving forward, we can’t wait to share the updates, features, and improvements we have for ThruTalk and ThruText. For now, we’re wishing you a restful end to your 2020, and if you are organizing down in Georgia, much energy to the finish line. 

If you have any questions or would like to start using GetThru for your campaign or cause, you can get started here.


The Get Thru Team

GetThru was created by veterans of Bernie 2016, where we helped build the campaign’s historic voter contact operation. In the process, we saw the need for better technology for large scale 1-to-1 communication that reaches people where they are—on their cell phones.

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