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Navigating 10DLC Challenges: Insights & Solutions from GetThru's Expertise

Uncover the journey of 10DLC compliance with GetThru's firsthand experiences. From billion-text campaigns to innovative tech solutions, learn how to overcome 10DLC hurdles and enhance your messaging strategy. Join the forefront of social impact technology with our expert guidance.

Matt Hirschy

Navigating the dynamic A2P 10DLC landscape over the past 18 months has been a collective journey for everyone texting their supporters in the US with 10-digit long codes. At GetThru, we've powered over a billion text messages and made over a billion dials, gaining insights from supporting campaigns and organizations across committees, campaigns, and non-profit, cultural, and educational institutions. Our use of short codes, long codes, and toll-free numbers has informed our approach to 10DLC campaigns, ensuring our clients' messages are both compliant and effective. This experience has given us unique insights into what it takes to be successful.

Joining the GetThru team just a few months ago, I brought a background in campaigns and advocacy, having worked on some of the last decade's most intense campaign and policy fights. My journey into social impact technology was fueled by the belief that we could provide better outcomes at scale with the right tools, including A2P messaging. I got lucky and joined a remarkable team, and together, we grew a small product into a critical component of modern campaigns. This included navigating the registration process for 10DLC numbers, which are pivotal in application-to-person communication. My subsequent experience at the largest vendor in our space taught me even more, solidifying my belief in the promise of social impact tech.

My venture into the world of GetThru has required learning a lot quickly, a challenge that I gladly accepted. When I joined, I was aware of compliance challenges related to P2P and A2P, but the true scope and scale of these challenges became apparent only after diving into the world of 10DLC registration and 10DLC compliance with US carriers. Today, I have no question that joining this team specifically was the right choice. We highlight to new clients not just our trust score but how great our team is to work with. We’re more than just a local number; we're a partner in navigating number types, opt-in and opt-out requirements, and ensuring per-message success.  It's been an incredible experience to learn from my colleagues as we collaborate with clients to navigate and overcome these challenges. One thing that has become evident is the sheer amount of work it takes, a testament to the dedication of everyone involved (especially our clients). Additionally, the rapid pace of change in this landscape is a constant reminder of the dynamic nature of our work.

Facing compliance challenges? I understand. Deliverability hiccups? We've been there. If your vendor claims navigating the 10DLC landscape is a breeze, they're not being honest with you. We've had to adjust, learn, and grow through industry-wide changes, often at a moment’s notice. GetThru was the first in our space to embrace 10DLC compliance, tackling both low-volume and high-volume messaging challenges head-on.Each day, we work diligently to manage its complexity. Our team's combined decades of experience across campaigns, nonprofits, unions, fundraising, and tech have paved the path to success for our 3000+ clients. With precision and care, we've ensured your messages reach hearts and minds, building connections at scale.

In the past six months alone, our development journey has been nothing short of incredible. I've witnessed firsthand the team's dedication to our clients. We introduced MMS functionality, QuickSend, and rebuilt our dialer from the ground up—all in direct response to community needs. We're not just a phone number; we're a suite of text messaging solutions. And with plans to introduce two-factor authentication and enhance two-way communication, we're building a future-proof platform.We've also lowered our pricing to the lowest it's ever been, making our tools accessible to grassroots organizations like never before. Up next, we're building broadcast functionality and an ActBlue integration, support for Spanish language, and a new vision for shaping the future of engagement through this channel. I'm proud to say that we're also embarking on a journey towards WCAG compliance, a first for our space.

Reach out. No sales pitch if you don't want one. Your needs are our focus, and we're here to listen and help guide you through the challenges. At GetThru, we’re not just third-party vendors; we're in your corner and on your side. We’ve built the most battle-tested tool in the space, equipped for everything from one-time messages to comprehensive campaign registration, and are determined to make it even better. Want to be part of this opportunity to inform our work and steer the direction of the 10DLC industry with us?

Here are Frequently Asked Questions I get from my cleints (FAQs)

What is A2P 10DLC and why is it important?

A2P 10DLC stands for Application-to-Person 10-Digit Long Code, which refers to the use of standard 10-digit phone numbers for sending high-volume text messages from applications to individuals. It's important as it offers a compliant and efficient way for organizations to communicate with their audience.

How has GetThru powered communication with A2P 10DLC?

GetThru has sent over a billion text messages and made a similar number of calls using A2P 10DLC, providing insights into successful campaign and organizational communication strategies.

What unique insights has GetThru gained from its use of 10DLC?

GetThru's experience has highlighted the effectiveness of compliant messaging strategies and the importance of understanding registration processes, opt-in/opt-out requirements, and adapting to industry-wide changes.

What are the compliance challenges associated with P2P and A2P messaging?

Compliance challenges include navigating the registration process for 10DLC numbers, following carrier rules, and meeting industry regulations to avoid penalties and maintain message deliverability.

How does GetThru ensure compliance with 10DLC regulations?

GetThru stays abreast of industry-wide changes, adapts quickly to new requirements, and ensures all messaging campaigns follow the necessary registration and compliance processes.

What is GetThru’s approach to overcoming deliverability issues?

GetThru focuses on meticulous planning, constant learning, and adjusting strategies to tackle both low-volume and high-volume messaging challenges.

Can you describe some of the recent developments at GetThru?

GetThru has recently introduced MMS functionality, QuickSend features, a complete rebuild of their dialer, and reduced pricing. Plans for future developments include broadcast functionality, ActBlue integration, Spanish language support, and a move toward WCAG compliance.

What future enhancements are planned for GetThru's platform?

Future plans include implementing two-factor authentication, enhancing two-way communication, and building broadcast functionality, all aimed at creating a more robust and future-proof engagement platform.

How can someone get involved with or use GetThru's services?

Interested parties can reach out to GetThru without the pressure of a sales pitch. The team is ready to listen and guide potential clients through the complexities of 10DLC messaging and campaign strategy.


Matt Hirschy

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