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P2P Texting for College Athletics: A Game-Changing Strategy

Your college athletics program engages with alumni and fans at the big game, via email, and social media. But what if there was a way to have actual conversations with them at scale? Peer-to-peer texting can make it happen. Read on for some thoughts on why and how your team can leverage P2P. (We’re sorry in advance for all the sports puns. 😉)

Rachel Cleary

Director of Education Sales

8 Ways You Can Score Using P2P Texting

  • Increase Your ROI & Meet People Where They Are—On Their Phones 🏀
    Has email become more of a benchwarmer in terms of real engagement and ROI? Peer-to-peer texting can help. ThruText has a 95%+ deliverability rate, and the latest stats show that 99% of texts get read.

  • Increase Alumni and Fan Engagement
    Texting with ThruText lets you have real, quality conversations that bring fans from the nosebleeds right into a 1:1 dialogue with your fundraisers, ticketing team, and even coaches and athletes. What better way to show your appreciation?
  • Ensuring Support for Every Team, from Every Fan
    As a scalable tool (with scalable pricing to match), ThruText is a great fit for all teams—from the biggest football program to the mighty intramural ultimate frisbee team. Donor support is a crucial aspect of bolstering your athletes, and ThruText can help ensure you garner increased donations and engagement by directly reaching your biggest fans.

  • Invites to Watch Parties 🏈
    Help alumni and fans near and far stay connected to each other by spreading the word about regional watch parties and events.

  • Fill the Stands 🏑
    Are last minute tickets available? Let your audience know about availability and ticket deals so that you always fill the stands.

  • Connecting Players and Coaches with their Supporters 🎽
    There are so many ways coaches and players can be a part of your texting strategy—whether stepping in to be the “voice” of your text solicitations or sending fan appreciation notes.

  • Speaking of Fan Appreciation… 🏃
    Let alumni and fans know how much their support matters. You can use texting to send simple thank you messages, let them know about ticket or merch deals, or ask for their feedback on what could be improved from the fan experience perspective. Since ThruText is a true two-way communication tool, you’re sure to have great conversations.

  • Shoot Your Shot and Make the Ask 🥇
    With ThruText, you can send personalized, templated calls for support. These can be broad (“Make a gift to our Athletic program on Giving Tuesday!”) or narrow (“Our women’s volleyball team needs new equipment—can you help support by making a donation today?”). Either way, most importantly, you’ll know that your message is reaching your audience and helping to make a difference.


Ready to elevate your alumni and fan experience, support every team on the roster, and do a communication victory dance? Reach out to for more information and to claim a free trial.


Rachel Cleary

Before GetThru, Rachel spent years in higher education and non-profit fundraising. She now brings that experience to our education clients, where she provides strategic support and sales expertise. Outside of work, you can find her listening to Broadway musicals, making pasta from scratch, or hanging out with her dog, Sadie (sometimes all at the same time!).

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