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Texting your way to a strong fiscal-year-end

For many educational institutions and nonprofits, the new fiscal year is but a few weeks away. If you’re looking to close out this year strong, read on for ideas, tips, and tricks from our Education and Nonprofits team!

Rachel Cleary

Director of Education Sales

Fiscal Year-End Texting Ideas

Do you have a surplus in your texting budget that you’re hoping to use before fiscal year-end? Or are you just looking for some ideas on how to connect with your donors during this critical time of year? We’ve got you covered! Here are a few ideas:

  • Lead with gratitude: If you haven’t yet already, consider sending a text to all donors who have given so far in calendar year 2021. A simple stewardship touchpoint can help open up later text conversations around reunion fundraising, Giving Tuesday, and calendar year-end.
  • Pledge fulfillment: Take a look at your list of open pledges, whether from phonathon or direct mail. Send those folks a text reminding them of their pledge date, amount, and designation, and ask if you can send a link for them to fulfill. (Pro tip: use ThruText custom fields to personalize this messaging!)
  • Giving society renewals: Similar to the above idea, review your current list of giving society members. Is anybody up for renewal before the fiscal year ends? A personalized text can go a long way in making sure that these dedicated donors stay current.
  • Monthly donor check-ins: If you haven’t already this year, pull a report of monthly automated credit card donors whose cards have expired since they initiated their monthly giving. You can reach out to this group to let them know that the card on file for their monthly gift has expired, and offer to send a link for them to update their card.

ThruText Tips and Best Practices

  • Survey questions: Whatever messaging you take on, be sure to make good use of ThruText’s Survey functionality so that you can track conversation outcomes and do post-campaign reporting with ease.
  • Follow up: This is perhaps our team’s favorite ThruText feature. The Follow Up tool makes it super convenient to send new texts to some or all recipients in a campaign. Pro tip: use this feature to follow up with folks who haven’t responded back yet so that your message is sure to be seen.
  • Texter training: If you have new staff, student workers, or volunteers who are helping you with fiscal year-end texting, you can get them trained up fast with our texter resources. Check out the Guide for Texters section of our Help Center for articles and videos on how to use ThruText.

Need an Assist?

We’re here for you! If you’d like to connect directly with a member of our team to discuss anything from segmentation, messaging, scripting, and beyond, you can schedule time at this link. And with any questions, give us a shout at

Happy texting, and happy almost summer!

—The GetThru Education and Nonprofits Team


Rachel Cleary

Before GetThru, Rachel spent years in higher education and non-profit fundraising. She now brings that experience to our education clients, where she provides strategic support and sales expertise. Outside of work, you can find her listening to Broadway musicals, making pasta from scratch, or hanging out with her dog, Sadie (sometimes all at the same time!).

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