Mission & Values

We Promote
Progressive Social Change

At GetThru, our mission is to empower organizations to connect authentically with their audiences at scale, while building a sustainable company that promotes progressive social change.

Our Mission

But, what does it mean for a company to be sustainable or promote progressive social change? We included those ideas in our mission so that we would regularly ask ourselves the same questions. Here’s some of the answers we’ve found so far.    

For us, sustainability means asking our team to work at a reasonable pace while supporting their near-term success and long-term growth. It also means generating reasonable profits to facilitate continued investment in our products and processes. And it means structuring our operations to minimize our environmental impact.  

Promoting progressive change starts with choosing clients who are helping to create a more just and sustainable world. It also means building a diverse, inclusive company that thinks deeply about what we ask of our employees and what we offer in return. And it means giving back in various ways, including significant charitable contributions.

Our Values

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Pick Progressive Partners

We consider our mission when choosing clients, vendors, and strategic partners. That doesn’t mean we only work with political organizations. But we strive to avoid collaboration with those whose core business is opposed to the kind of change we want to see in the world.

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Take the Long View

We prioritize long term success and sustainability over short term fixes or gains. This means taking the time to build software that lasts, investing in our employees, maintaining reasonable work schedules, and always prioritizing the long-term health of customer relationships.

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Make Space for Everyone

We seek out staff members from a diversity of backgrounds and create a culture where everyone can thrive. We strive to ensure that our tools are accessible to any client whose work is consistent with our mission.

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Be Graciously Honest

We are honest with each other and our clients while always staying courteous and kind. This extends to telling our customers what we can and can’t do, sharing important information with employees, and giving each other critical feedback. We’ve developed in-depth communication norms to help us live by this value.  

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Stay Humble

We stay humble as a company and as individuals. We know that our clients won’t stay with us if our performance lags, and that competitors can always erode our market share. We recognize our gaps in knowledge and capacity and work to improve them.

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