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About us

Meet The Pets

Get to know us (the pets) and why we love "working" at GetThru.

Sadie Dog Photo


SaaSy Sales Lead

reports to Rachel Cleary

Sadie is a 7-ish year old Chihuahua mix who enjoys naps, cheese (and snacks of all kinds, really), and chasing the neighbors' outdoor cats. GetThru clients can look forward to seeing Sadie sneak in and out of the background of Zoom calls.

Nick Furry

Work/Life Balance Coordinator

reports to Jarvis Mishler

Nick is a 12yr old Chihuahua that's been with GetThru since June 2021. Nick is responsible for protecting the work/life balance of Jarvis, the other GetThru employee working in Hattiesburg, MS. Nick faithfully performs his duties by furriously trying to get his coworker's attention whenever they're on Zoom to remind them that the wide number of remote GetThru employees should not get preferential treatment to shared space coworkers like Nick. Of course, Nick doesn't just "talk the talk". Like many Chihuahuas, Nick demonstrates his own work/life philosophy through the daily practice of Cuddles & Rage. Recent feedback indicates some coworker confusion as to which one Nick considers to be "work".

Josh Frank Photo
Laszlo Cat Photo


Principle Noctournal Zoomies Manager

reports to Deja Trudeaux

Grey tabby, 4 months old. Favorite activities include: attacking in the middle of the night, begging for food, trying to get into the garbage, and the song "Mambo Number 5".


MeowOps Engineer

reports to Scott Millard

Dandy is almost 10 years old and loves being around people.  His favorite thing is any kind of food, but he also loves snuggling up next to someone.   He supports Scott, a DevOps Engineer, in his daily work - but he often falls asleep on the job.  He firmly believes that soft warm kitty cat pairing will eventually become more popular than rubber duck pairing.

Dandy Cat Photo
Toffee Cat Photo


Office Supervisor

reports to Abby Bateman

Toffee is a sweet 5-year-old kitty with gorgeous green eyes. She has a white belly and a Torbie top. She is in her first year with her owner, Abby from Support, and enjoying the office supervisor job. She enjoys playing with her toys or snoring belly up while in meetings. She spends her day following the sun and waiting for meeting breaks to ask for love. Toffee is enjoying her time in the office in her box in sunny San Diego!


Health and Wellness Coordinator

reports to Joanna Sese

Simon is a canine of a certain age who ensures the health and wellness of GetThru's engineering team. He supports movement in the work environment by booping people in the middle of code review to ask for butt scratches and bathroom breaks. When not working, Simon enjoys causing a ruckus at the dog park and eating bacon from the local bakery.

Simon Dog Photo
Raven, River, and Loki Dogs Photo

Raven, River, and Loki

Napping Coordinators

reports to Heather Giamona

Meet the 9 years old Chihuahua trio Raven, River, and Loki who assist our Technical Support Coordinator Heather. These hard-working Napping Coordinators bring to GetThru their years of experience in demanding a lap while their mom is working, collaborating intensely with neighboring cats and squirrels, and synchronized pouting when dinner time rolls around. When they’re not using their awesome coordination skills, they love to cuddle up in a blanket for some z’s, play with their toys, or enjoy a snack.

Albus, aka "Mr. Fancy"

Quality Purr-surance

reports to Bart Jackson

Albus is a four year old American Shorthair cat who assists Bart, our Software Quality Assurance Specialist, in his daily projects at GetThru.
Albus's main responsibilities include waking Bart up two hours before work for head scritches, clawing at the couch right as Bart goes into a meeting, and letting Bart know when there are squirrels outside.
When not at work, Albus enjoys sleeping, flipping his water bowl to watch water flow across the kitchen floor, and attempting to eat things that aren't food before his parents have a chance to stop him.

Albus Cat Photo
Bug Dog Photo


Puppy Support Associate

reports to Grant Peretz

Bug is a 9 year old hound mix who is the support team for Grant, a member of our _other_ support team. Bug enjoys contributing to team meetings by barking at inopportune times and asking to go outside. When she's not investigating rabbit tracks in the back yard, Bug can usually be found snoring on the bed or curled up under the desk waiting for dinner.


Security Coordinator

reports to Kim Hammer

Maggie is a 6 year old Carolina dog and the companion to GetThru Technical Support Coordinator Kim. Maggie takes great pride in alerting Kim of any deliveries and other potential threats to the household. Kim is often muted in meetings due to Maggie’s incessant barking as a result of a mail and package delivery or worse, pesky neighborhood cats. On Kim’s breaks, Maggie can be found ridding the backyard of tiny critters. Maggie has been known to fall asleep on the job and snore loudly to remind Kim of her presence in the office.

Maggie Dog Photo