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About us

Meet The Pets

Get to know us (the pets) and why we love "working" at GetThru.


SaaSy Sales Lead

reports to Rachel Cleary

Sadie is a 7-ish year old Chihuahua mix who enjoys naps, cheese (and snacks of all kinds, really), and chasing the neighbors' outdoor cats. GetThru clients can look forward to seeing Sadie sneak in and out of the background of Zoom calls.

Sadie Dog Photo
Toffee Cat Photo


Office Supervisor

reports to Abby Bateman

Toffee is a sweet 5-year-old kitty with gorgeous green eyes. She has a white belly and a Torbie top. She is in her first year with her owner, Abby from Support, and enjoying the office supervisor job. She enjoys playing with her toys or snoring belly up while in meetings. She spends her day following the sun and waiting for meeting breaks to ask for love. Toffee is enjoying her time in the office in her box in sunny San Diego!


Health and Wellness Coordinator

reports to Joanna Sese

Simon is a canine of a certain age who ensures the health and wellness of GetThru's engineering team. He supports movement in the work environment by booping people in the middle of code review to ask for butt scratches and bathroom breaks. When not working, Simon enjoys causing a ruckus at the dog park and eating bacon from the local bakery.

Simon Dog Photo
Raven, River, and Loki Dogs Photo

Raven, River, and Loki

Napping Coordinators

reports to Heather Giamona

Meet the 9 years old Chihuahua trio Raven, River, and Loki who assist our Technical Support Coordinator Heather. These hard-working Napping Coordinators bring to GetThru their years of experience in demanding a lap while their mom is working, collaborating intensely with neighboring cats and squirrels, and synchronized pouting when dinner time rolls around. When they’re not using their awesome coordination skills, they love to cuddle up in a blanket for some z’s, play with their toys, or enjoy a snack.

Mr Bumbles and Rosie

People Supervisors

reports to Lauren Smith

They are both 8 years old and bonded as kittens in foster care in Seattle, WA.  Rosie is the Queen of the house, Bumbles is her very sweet subject.  You're more likely to see Bumbles vs hear Rosie on a Zoom call, lol.

Simon Dog Photo