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The State of 10DLC and P2P

With 10DLC regulations in effect for a couple months now, we've learned quite a bit about how to navigate texting in a 10DLC world, and we're sharing it with you here.

JD Yates

Senior Client Success Manager

10DLC is the wireless industry buzzword that has sent ripples of anxiety through the P2P texting world for a year now (for a primer on 10DLC read more here), but navigating it doesn’t even have to be frustrating, much less scary. Since we released our 10DLC features last year, we’ve learned a great deal about what’s possible within this new compliance framework. 10DLC presents a series of unique challenges, but we’ve invested time in working with the verification entities and vendor organizations at the heart of it to chart the best possible paths forward for our clients.

Here’s a quick update on what we’ve learned as well as the impact we’ve observed since the carriers began enforcing 10DLC at the beginning of March. 

Deliverability in a Post-10DLC World

So far it’s the same! We’ve crunched the numbers and there’s been no measurable negative impact to our clients’ ability to send their crucial messaging since 10DLC became the law of the land. What this also means is that, at this point, there’s no evidence that suggests that broadcast or toll-free messaging is a “better” or “safer” alternative. If your goal is to authentically engage your donors or supporters by having real conversations that help you reach your goals, P2P texting that is 10DLC compliant is still a highly effective way to get it done.

Brand Registration

With 8 months of TCR Brand Registrations behind us, what we’ve learned about how to register our myriad client organizations could fill a library. We’ve registered over 1400 individual brands with TCR with great success. As just one example, many of our client organizations are what’s referred to as “self-attesting,” meaning they don’t have official section C(3/4/5/6) designation from the IRS, so we worked with our partners to identify a simple path forward to allow those organizations to access the special use cases they require. Not sure what Brand Registration is? We’ve got a great primer here.

Use Cases and You

We’ve similarly learned a great deal about what use cases can and can’t do in that time. Our Support and Success teams have the tools to advise you on which 10DLC use case is right for your particular messaging and even which ones you qualify for that will get you the most advantageous treatment from the carriers. Stumped on the best use case for your use case? We got you.

Choosing The Right Texting Option

The truth is, the best texting option for a campaign or organization is going to come down to what best suits your needs, and that’s alright! Some organizations will need something that helps them collect really important data, some will need an option that is the right size to manage a small (but mighty) volunteer team, and some will need to be able to text every Democratic voter in the country. Ultimately, matching a product’s features and interface with your goals and volunteers or staff is a great place to start weighing your options.

Something interesting that I’ve heard from others in our industry and some clients who did ultimately choose us is that there’s a narrative out there that using broadcast messaging (short codes) or toll free messaging is a better alternative to P2P texting in a 10DLC world. While some organizations might find those methods of texting work best for their needs for a host of reasons, compliance shouldn’t be one of them. Like I mentioned earlier, there is no indication that deliverability has been affected in a significant way by 10DLC regulations taking effect — which is great. 

But since this is GetThru’s blog, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention two important things about us:

  • We’ve been the right choice for more than 2,000 organizations and counting to send more than 1 billion text messages. If you’re still weighing your options, it couldn’t hurt to talk to our team to see if ThruText is right for you.
  • We’re uniquely equipped to set our clients up for success. Not only do we make it as easy as possible for you to breeze through your registration, we’ve compiled a wealth of resources in our Support Center, available to you 24/7. Our Support and Client Success teams are available for additional assistance, and we continue to share strategy and best practices to help you make the most of your texting experience.


There still remains much to learn as we move forward together in a post-10DLC world, but seeing our clients continue to scale effective outreach campaigns every day has given me a renewed sense of confidence in the power of P2P messaging for the progressive movement. My hope is that now you feel a little more at ease as well!

I’m so proud to support the efforts of our clients every day through thoughtful consultation and guidance, and I’d be happy to do the same for you. If you have questions about 10DLC compliance or how to get started with ThruText, feel free to drop me and my team a line anytime.

Happy Texting!


JD Yates

JD has built client success and support processes for a variety of startups, and he came to GetThru to create amazing customer experiences that help propel progressive causes to victory. JD is a self-identified science and tech nerd with an affinity for physics, gaming, and bingeing anything sci-fi. When he needs to get away, he visits the animals on his family's alpaca ranch (Serenity and Sweet Confection pictured here).

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