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GetThru's Got a New Look!

Take a look at the refresh — plus how it relates to the future of ThruTalk and ThruText!

Cat Allen

Marketing Manager

Not long ago, we shared a bit about the direction our tools are taking — a rebuilt ThruTalk and deeper integration between ThruTalk and ThruText. We’re excited to announce that we now have a new logo system to match our strategic direction! Here’s a quick tour of our updated identity.

Let’s start with our company’s new logo, which references the back and forth of a conversation and also how information moves through a network both literally and figuratively. This design gives a nod to the engineering of the products and the impact they have on our shared civic experience.

GetThru New Logo
Our logo scales up smoothly — and we know scalability is important for our clients in both form and function

ThruTalk and ThruText also each have their own logos now. Both marks are meant to convey a sense of movement and conversation. The ThruText logo references the dots many of us see in the daily back and forth of texting. The ThruTalk logo represents an evolution of — but not a complete departure from — the chat bubble that anchored our previous GetThru logo. 

While many of our users know us by our tools — ThruTalk and ThruText — those tools live under the umbrella of GetThru, and we wanted to convey an integrated hierarchy with this refresh. Look closely, and you’ll see that the ThruTalk and ThruText logo components can also be found in the primary GetThru logo. This mirrors the exciting future of our products—that sometime next year, you’ll be able to access your ThruTalk and ThruText account through a single integrated platform!

ThruText and ThruTalk Logos
The iconography for each tool will make navigating our upcoming integrated platform easier and more accessible

You might have noticed a theme throughout this post: integration. This logo refresh was a fun project for us, but it also represented a genuine opportunity to show our growth as a company. We wanted our new logo system to have an integrated feel because it represents our evolution from “a company that makes two complementary products” toward “your one-stop shop for best-in-class, integrated voter contact and supporter engagement tools.”  

We hope you love the new look as much as we do! 

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Cat Allen

Cat joined the GetThru Team to merge her professional background in advertising and brand strategy with her personal passion of organizing for progressive causes and candidates. Cat is based in Memphis, TN, and when she isn't organizing around local and state issues, she's raising one pretty exceptional daughter, cooking, painting, and petting all the dogs.

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