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What Our Clients Say

Our P2P texting tool ThruText and phone banking tool ThruTalk are blazing fast, built to scale, and backed by our industry-leading support

GetThru Testimonials
"To run the largest grassroots volunteer campaign in history, we needed a responsive partner with powerful outreach tools that could ramp up quickly. The team at GetThru worked alongside us to ensure we could scale our ThruText & ThruTalk usage so that thousands of volunteers could reach millions of voters to help elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris."
biden for president
Jose Nunez
Director of Digital Organizing
Mahim Mahadevan from Rashida Tlaib for Congress
"We needed certainty on our campaign and GetThru never let us down. We connected to over 60,000 voters using ThruTalk and ThruText. Their systems were reliable and easy to navigate, could handle large volumes, and included speedy and knowledgeable live technical support."
Logo for Rashida Tlaib for Congress
Rashida Tlaib for Congress
Mahima Mahadevan
Field Director
"I’ve worked with several companies, and the GetThru support team is probably the best support I’ve ever worked with. They were incredibly responsive, and handled every issue that we had promptly and professionally."
Logo for Yang for President 2020
Yang For President 2020
Drew Corbitt
Distributed Director
Drew Corbitt from Yang for President 2020
Elise Nabors from National Nurses United
"From the technology to the team behind it, working with GetThru has taken our distributed organizing to a new level."
Logo for National Nurses United
National Nurses United
Elise Nabors
Assistant Director of Communications
ThruText Testimonials
Alyse May Quade from the Minnesota DFL Party
"Their support team has been amazing. Early on election morning 2019, they were responsive in helping support our 7am GOTV texts! Based on their support team, and the ease of using the app, I can’t wait to utilize ThruText widely across MN in 2020."
Logo for Minnesota DFL Party
Minnesota DFL Party
Alyse May Quade
Political and Organizing Director
Mary Alice Crim from Free Press
"ThruText has allowed us to quickly contact thousands of net neutrality activists, have meaningful conversations with them, and turn them out to actions and events."
Logo for Free Press
free press
Mary Alice Crim
Field Director
Mason Darrow from Princeton University
"ThruText was tremendously helpful in alerting our alumni and friends to Tiger Athletics Give Day. We were able to text 14,000 people without a hitch, and ended up raising a record $3.1 million!"
Logo for Free Press
Princeton university
Mason Darrow
Assistant Manager Athletics Advancement
Mario Winburn from Carleton College
"ThruText is user-friendly for message senders and easy to set up on the administrative side. We really appreciate the timely customer service, and the contract structure provides ample flexibility in when and how you use the platform."
Logo for Carleton College
Carleton College
Mario Winburn
Associate Director, Annual Giving
"ThruText has been a vital digital tool and has helped us move thousands of people into action all across the country. Whether for mass call turnout, electoral engagement, or a #GreenNewDeal Distributed Day of Action, ThruText has been easy to use whether we are sending 1 text or 10,000."
Logo for Sunrise Movement
Sunrise Movement
Howie Stanger
Chief Operating Officer
Howie Stanger from Sunrise Movement
ThruTalk Testimonials
Alexandra Rojas from Justice Democrats
"ThruTalk has been one of our main pieces of technology to boost voter outreach across dozens of Justice Democrats campaigns."
Logo for Justice Democrats
Justice Democrats
Alexandra Rojas
Executive Director
"The difference between ThruTalk and other dialers is like the difference between dialers and paper lists! The capability of reaching out to cell phones as well as land lines provided an exponential increase in voter contact and turnout. Hands down ThruTalk was a major factor in our hard fought victory."
Logo for Jen Metzger for NY State Senate
Jen Metzger for NY State Senate
Joe Agovino
Field Director
Joe Agovino from Jen Metzger for NY State Senate
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