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Meet Our New CEO!

Allow us to introduce you!

Daniel Souweine

Founder & Interim Head of Product

Today I’m excited to introduce GetThru’s new CEO, Jason Stern

Jason is a veteran software leader who will bring deep expertise and a fresh perspective to GetThru’s mission of empowering organizations to connect authentically with their audiences at scale. I feel extremely lucky to have found someone so well-positioned to lead GetThru on the next leg of our journey, and I’m confident that our clients will be in excellent hands under his leadership, and with the ongoing support of our amazing team. 

This is, of course, a bittersweet moment for me. I founded GetThru with other veterans of Bernie 2016 because we saw firsthand the need for better tools to reach people where they are – on their cell phones. We set out to build software that was easy enough for first time organizers but powerful enough to contact tens of millions of people on a single day. Because we understood how much scale and timing matters for securing every possible vote, and how much every vote matters.  

When we introduced our tools to education and nonprofit clients, ThruText and ThruTalk were just as important for them to secure the donations or volunteer commitments that ultimately move the second half of our mission forward — “to promote progressive social change.” 

During the past 6+ years, I’ve been lucky to work closely with some of our clients. But whether we’ve known each other for years or never met, I have shared your peaks and valleys. They are stories of real impact, and real integrity told through usage analytics, support tickets, and case studies. It has been a privilege to be at the helm of a company with such profoundly inspiring clients.

In the coming months, I’ll be working alongside Jason to help him get up to speed. After that, I will transition into a new role as Chairman of the GetThru board. I make this transition with great excitement about what’s coming next for GetThru, including new features, new pricing models, UX improvements, and more. I know Jason and the team will share more in the coming weeks and months, so I won’t steal their thunder. 

Instead, I’ll end with a note of appreciation for everyone who has helped GetThru become what it is today, most importantly our clients. Thank you — for your partnership, your loyalty, and for making a difference, one text and call at a time.


Daniel Souweine

Daniel ran the national texting program on the Bernie 2016 presidential campaign. He came away so impressed with P2P texting that he started his own company! Before Bernie, Daniel was a co-founder of Citizen Engagement Lab, an incubator for online organizing projects. He lives in Glenford, NY, with his partner Emily and their two daughters Sasha and Carina.

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