Call cell phones. Fast.

More than 55% of Americans only have a cell phone. ThruTalk can help you reach them with unparalleled speed and precision.* Created by seasoned organizers specifically for political campaigns and advocacy groups, ThruTalk has been used by more than 150 organizations to make over 40 million phone calls.

*Don’t worry, we can call landlines too!


Upload Your List.

No need to separate cell phones and landlines—we can handle any number you send us.

Create your Script.

Drag and drop questions to create a script using custom variables from your target data. 

Callers Log In.

Once callers log in, they’ll continue to get connected to calls until they log out.

We Connect Your Calls.

We screen out disconnects, answering machines, and hangups, so callers spend their time in actual conversations.

Track Responses.

Callers track responses within the script as they go based on survey questions you create. 



ThruTalk is the fastest way to call cell phones at scale.


ThruTalk works on all devices (desktops, laptops, tablets).


We provide real time analytics dashboards and LiveChat support 7 days a week.

VAN Sync.

Automatic VAN sync of canvass results and survey questions.

Instant Followup.

Follow up with voters via text or email directly from the script.

TCPA Compliant.

Our technology adheres strictly to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act regulations around calling cell phones.


All GetThru plans are pay-as-you-go, with no minimums, no commitments and no hidden fees.





Bulk discounts beginning at 100,000 dials

Per dial pricing includes all attempted phone numbers regardless of outcome, including live connects, answering machines, disconnected numbers, and busy signals

All plans have a one-time $100 setup fee, and include unlimited GetThru user licenses and unlimited technical and strategic support.



"We used [ThruText] to send over one million text messages to thousands of key voters in Georgia in 2018—voter contact that wouldn't have been possible otherwise. On top of everything, the GetThru team is great to work with!"

—Deirdre Shelley

Movement Building Organizer, National Alliance for Domestic Workers

"From the technology to the team behind it, working with GetThru has taken our distributed organizing to a new level."

—Elise Nabors

Assistant Director of Communications, National Nurses United

"ThruText has been a vital digital tool and has helped us move thousands of people into action all across the country. Whether for mass call turnout, electoral engagement, or a #GreenNewDeal Distributed Day of Action, ThruText has been easy to use whether we are sending 1 text or 10,000."

—Howie Stanger

Chief Operating Officer, Sunrise Movement

"GetThru has built a fantastic tool for voter and volunteer outreach—and using it to collect and sync complex data was a huge help for us. Since texting and organizing continues to change, it's wonderful to see how ThruText adapts to meet our evolving needs."

—Ceci Hall

Director of Field Programs, Swing Left

" was an early and enthusiastic adopter for P2P outreach, and we wholeheartedly endorse ThruText. It's a best-in-class product with intuitive design, powerful admin features, and lighting fast message delivery, all backed by a responsive and knowledgeable support team."

—Debra Clever

Founder and CEO,

"ThruText was so easy and user-friendly that it allowed us to scale to nearly 100 texters and 30k messages in three days. Our volunteers were the ones thanking me when I gave them more texts to send!"

—Sean Hoey

SMS Trainer/Organizer, March For Our LIves

"We needed certainty on our campaign and GetThru never let us down. We connected to over 60,000 voters using ThruTalk and ThruText. Their systems were reliable and easy to navigate, could handle large volumes, and included speedy and knowledgeable live technical support."

—Mahima Mahadevan

Field Director, Rashida Tlaib for Congress

"ThruTalk has been one of our main pieces of technology to boost voter outreach across dozens of Justice Democrats campaigns."

—Alexandra Rojas

Executive Director, Justice Democrats

"The difference between ThruTalk and other dialers is like the difference between dialers and paper lists! The capability of reaching out to cell phones as well as land lines provided an exponential increase in voter contact and turnout. Hands down ThruTalk was a major factor in our hard fought victory."

—Joe Agovino

Field Director, Jen Metzger for NY State Senate 2018

"ThruTalk simply has the best features and support. That's why the ThruTalk is my first recommendation to any campaign planning their field program."

—Alexander Deatrick

Field Director, Elissa Slotkin for Congress

"We could not have won our race without it. ThruTalk is simply one of the most powerful tools available to campaigns today."

—Carlos Condarco

Field Director, Donna Shalala for Congress

"ThruText is user-friendly for message senders and easy to set up on the administrative side. We really appreciate the timely customer service, and the contract structure provides ample flexibility in when and how you use the platform."

—Mario Winburn

Associate Director, Carelton College Reunion Giving

"We’ve been using ThruText since fall 2017 with great results! We love working with the GetThru team. They're constantly testing new strategies and surveying other institutions to help build best practices and guide us."

—Hillary Moore

Robert Morris University Assistant Director of Student and Parent Philanthropy


ThruTalk has worked with more than 150 organizations, including political campaigns, ballot measures, advocacy organizations, non-profits, unions, and more.