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Way Campaigns Call.

Legally call cellphones and landlines at unparalleled speeds with simple per dial pricing.

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$.045 Per Dial* (Our lowest rate ever.)

We charge a flat fee for every dial because it helps campaigns predict costs, and doesn’t penalize clients for having real conversations with their target audiences.

Included in Per Dial Pricing
Bulk & Prepayment Discounts

Want to get your per dial rate even lower? We offer additional discounts based on volume and based on prepayment, starting at just 25,000 dials. Did you know our team loves to make custom pricing proposals for clients? Let us make one just for you.


Outgoing Dials
Per Month


Installment Plans

If your calling program is going to be a sustained effort over several months, let’s help you lock in the best rate and pay over time instead of all at once. Give our Sales team a heads up and we’ll work out the details.

Set-Up Fee

There is a one-time set up fee of $100

* Dials include all attempted phone numbers for your campaign regardless of outcome. Includes but is not limited to live connects, answering machines, disconnected numbers and busy signals.

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*Prepay balances expire one year after the date of payment and are non-transferable between services or accounts; unless specified and documented by GetThru. Prepay invoices must be paid within 7 days of the date of invoice. After the payment is made in full, monthly usage will be applied against your prepay balance. If you have questions about prepayment, please write to