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GetThru has been sending text messages since 2016. Many changes have happened since the early days. None of them have been as significant as 10DLC. Phone carriers established rules in 2021 for sending messages using 10-digit long codes.

The regulations for 10DLC are continually evolving. At GetThru, we closely monitor changes to help our clients quickly sign up and start texting. This is one of the most important things we do.

Our goal is to assist our clients in navigating these changes effectively. By staying informed, we can provide the best possible service to our clients. It's hard and expensive to send P2P texts if you don’t get 10DLC approval and 100% of our customers are approved.

Since 2021, we have submitted over 10,000 10DLC applications. Since the manual vetting process, started, approvals have taking longer and approval rates started dropping.  GetThru is unique and we go directly to the Campaign Registry, while our competitors go through a third party, this gives us a significant advantage and we have been able to crush the industry average. We would like to share some insights on how we accomplish this.

According to the 2024 State of Messaging Report approvals can take more than two weeks. At GetThru, we help you pass the first time. Our experts will guide you on what you need before submitting."

Industry Average Vs GetThru

What is 10DLC?

10DLC stands for "10-digit long code" and refers to the numbers used by ThruText to send personalized messages. It also refers to the rules implemented by carriers like AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile for the use of these numbers. Carriers first rolled out 10DLC in 2021, and they have been constantly changing it since then. The biggest change this year was that the carriers instituted a manual vetting process for applications in early 2023.

How Does Registration Work?

Our registration process begins before a client even signs up with GetThru. Our sales team knows the 10DLC rules. They make sure prospective clients understand what they need for registration. This helps the process go smoothly.

After signing the contract, clients can easily register by setting up their "Brand" and "Use Case" in the GetThru app. Next, we send the client's information to "The Campaign Registry," an organization created by phone carriers to manage 10DLC.

But before we send in that registration, we make sure it meets the current 10DLC requirements. In other words, we do our own manual review before we send you through the carriers’ manual vetting process. That includes reviewing your privacy policy, opt-in form, and sample messages.

We won't forward our clients for 10DLC approval until we're certain their application will get the green light. We've become adept at grasping the regulations. In October 2023, we achieved a 100% success rate on our first attempt at application approvals!

We acknowledge that no one is perfect, and sometimes carriers deny our 10DLC applications. In those cases, we immediately work with clients to revise their submission. Think of us as your 10DLC escort, holding your hand the entire way from submission to approval to your first text messages.

How Long Does Approval Take

When manual vetting started in February 2023, there were significant backlogs causing approvals to take weeks. Nowadays, carriers typically grant approvals for 10DLC registrations in less than 24 hours. If you want to start texting quickly and need help, contact us for a 10DLC escort."

Toll-Free Numbers and Area Codes: Enhancing Business Text Messaging

Businesses can choose between using 10DLC with localized area codes or toll-free numbers for a national presence. The decision depends on the business's strategy for reach and customer interaction.

Both options are crucial for Application-to-Person (A2P) messaging, enabling businesses to communicate with their audience easily and effectively. The decision between the two depends on the business's strategy for reach and customer interaction.

Businesses can choose between using 10DLC with localized area codes or toll-free numbers for a national presence. The decision depends on the business's strategy for reach and customer interaction. Both options are important in A2P messaging, enabling businesses to communicate flexibly and at scale with their audience.

Understanding the Campaign Registry and High-Volume Messaging

The Campaign Registry is an important part of the 10DLC ecosystem. All A2P 10DLC campaigns register here before launching.

The Campaign Registry is an important part of the 10DLC system. Before starting any A2P 10DLC campaigns, businesses need to register them there.

The Campaign Registry is crucial for the 10DLC system. Businesses must register their A2P 10DLC campaigns there before launching them. Companies that send a lot of messages should understand how campaign registration works and the role of mobile carriers.

Registering with the Campaign Registry helps businesses comply with regulations and enhance message delivery rates. This is essential for effective communication. Registering with the Campaign Registry helps businesses stay compliant and improve message delivery rates, which is crucial for effective communication.

Enhancing Delivery Rates and Throughput in the United States

Message delivery and throughput are critical metrics for businesses using 10DLC in the United States. Ensuring high delivery rates involves not only choosing the right type of number (short code, long code, or toll-free) but also continuous compliance with mobile carriers' evolving policies. Businesses must stay informed about the latest requirements to maximize their message throughput, ensuring timely and reliable delivery of every text sent.

Additional Information on 10DLC for Businesses

10DLC stands for 10-digit long code, a format specially designed for A2P messaging to balance the needs of businesses for personalized communication with regulatory requirements. For businesses looking to dive deeper into how 10DLC can benefit their messaging strategies, additional information on compliance, best practices, and setup processes is crucial. This not only helps in seamless campaign execution but also in achieving better engagement rates.

Leveraging 10DLC for Business Text Messaging

10DLC technology has revolutionized how businesses send text messages, providing a framework that supports both high-volume and personalized customer interactions. Understanding how to leverage 10DLC effectively means recognizing its impact on message throughput and delivery, crucial elements in today's digital communication strategies. By optimizing these aspects, businesses can enhance their reach and efficacy in customer engagements.


As the digital communication landscape evolves, 10DLC stands out as a transformative technology that bridges the gap between compliance and efficiency in business messaging. At GetThru, we're committed to guiding our clients through the complexities of 10DLC registration and utilization, ensuring that they can leverage this technology to its full potential.

Whether you are integrating toll-free numbers for broader reach or utilizing long codes for targeted personal interactions, our team is here to support you every step of the way. By staying at the forefront of regulatory changes and technology advancements, we help you not just communicate but connect effectively and efficiently, making sure your messages are delivered swiftly and your campaigns succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is 10DLC and how is it different from short codes?

10DLC, or 10-digit long code, is designed for business A2P (application-to-person) messaging, offering a cost-effective method for personalized, two-way communications. Unlike short codes, which are meant for high-volume, broadcast-type messaging, 10DLC provides businesses with a way to maintain compliance with carrier regulations while engaging in meaningful interaction with customers.

How do toll-free numbers fit into the 10DLC framework?

Toll-free numbers are an excellent option for businesses looking to communicate on a national scale, offering an alternative to the localized approach of 10DLC with specific area codes. These numbers can handle high volumes of messages and are also part of the A2P messaging landscape, ensuring wide reach and customer engagement across the United States.

Why is registration with The Campaign Registry important?

Registration with The Campaign Registry is crucial for compliance and ensuring high delivery rates of your messages. It acts as a central database where all A2P 10DLC campaigns are registered and managed, helping to maintain transparency and adherence to carrier policies, which is essential for the smooth operation of your messaging campaigns.

How can I improve message delivery rates using 10DLC?

To enhance message delivery rates with 10DLC, ensure compliance with ongoing carrier regulations, choose the appropriate number type (short code, long code, or toll-free) for your messaging needs, and stay informed about the latest practices and standards. This proactive approach will help maximize throughput and ensure reliable delivery of every message.

What should I know about high-volume messaging and 10DLC?

For businesses planning to send messages at high volumes, understanding the registration process, throughput limits, and carrier regulations associated with 10DLC is key. High-volume messaging requires careful planning and compliance to avoid delays and disruptions, ensuring your communications are both effective and efficient.

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