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2021: GetThru's Best of the Blog

Whether your focus is ending 2021 strong or hitting the ground of 2022 running (or both!), we’ve rounded up some of our best how-tos and guides to help you give your calling and texting programs a boost.

Cat Allen

Marketing Manager

Wait, It’s December?

And just like that, we’re staring down the end of 2021. If you’re like us, it felt like there was but a brief moment to celebrate all we accomplished together in 2020 before turning our attention to the work of the new year. In many ways, it feels like a similar place to be, though 2022 is sure to present its own set of as-yet-known challenges. However, we do know a few things for sure: organizations and campaigns need to have strong year-end fundraising, hybrid organizing will be more popular than ever, voters still need to be turned out to vote, and organizers will still need to manage fruitful calling and texting programs while avoiding carrier complaints.

But fear not, partners in progress. Your friends at GetThru have compiled some of our favorite and most popular posts on some of these very topics to help you, you know, get through. Let’s start with what’s on a lot of fundraisers’ and Development folks’ minds right now — year-end giving.

Texting Your Way to a Strong Fiscal Year-End

While many of us are starting to sing about how it’s the most wonderful time of the year, somewhere right now, in offices across the country, fundraisers are singularly focused on one thing and one thing only: year-end fundraising goals. (And while we’re at it, shout out to them. Making sure campaigns and nonprofits have the resources they need to make the most impact is no small feat so fundraisers, we see you and we appreciate you!)

Our Education & Nonprofits team compiled a helpful guide to proactive approaches to excellent donor engagement and texting ideas, along with a step by step of how to bring them to life in ThruText. You can read the guide here!

Managing Remote Calling & Texting Programs

In 2020, many campaigns and organizations needed to immediately pivot their door-knocking and canvassing programs to a 100% digital strategy as the pandemic forced us to rethink how we organize. Once some of these organizations were able to slowly return to in-person activities, the majority of them chose to keep their texting and calling programs active. Why? Because it’s a great way to reach a wider universe and helps organizers recruit volunteers from a larger area than they would ordinarily be able to. And as many organizers now know first-hand, calling and texting only serves to enrich on-the-ground organizing.

Our Politics & Advocacy team did a fantastic write-up of how to manage a remote calling and texting program that will serve organizers well in spinning up a robust and engaged volunteer program, so you can text and call your way to victory.

Phonebanking: Getting Started

So you know how to run a great remote program and it’s time to make some calls — now what?

Starting a calling program from scratch can be daunting. Lots of us here at GetThru come from the trenches of political campaigns and organizing. We’ve been there. We looked around and realized that there were more campaigns on the phones than ever, and we wanted to create something that would be helpful and immediately actionable for organizers, even if it's your first calling program ever. Here’s our guide on how to decide what kind of phonebank to run, use cases for calling, and best practices for getting organized and starting strong. Happy calling!

Texting in a 10DLC World - Avoiding Complaints

Texting evangelists, we didn’t forget you. 2021 has brought some new perspectives, some changes to how we think about our texting programs, and how we execute them. The landscape of 10DLC is rapidly changing and a little confusing, but thankfully many of our tips for staying on the right side of compliance are also best practices for running a solid texting program, so it’s truly a win-win scenario, even with a few extra steps. 

Here are our top 5 ways to avoid texting complaints and if you’re totally unfamiliar with what 10DLC is or how it impacts your texting program, we’ve got you covered with our 10DLC Resources page.

Vote Tripling: A Guide

Vote tripling is a proven effective way to get the most out of each contact with supporters to bolster your GOTV efforts. Typically, campaigns see between 5 and 10 percent of the supporters and likely supporters they text say ‘yes’ to vote tripling. That means for a campaign with a list of 20,000 textable supporters, they’ll sign up 1,000-2,000 Vote Triplers, resulting in 3,000-6,000 voters across their district getting personalized reminders to vote from a close friend. In a close race, these votes could potentially make the difference for your candidate or ballot initiative.

Ready to triple your turnout? Read our guide on vote tripling here, which includes getting the right configurations set up in your ThruText campaign.

2022 and You

Whether you’re on a gubernatorial campaign, looking to strengthen relationships with alumni donors, or coordinating your nonprofit’s next advocacy outreach, these guides are indispensable tools for maximizing your impact.

If you do have more questions about getting the most from your calling and texting program, want to tell us about your organization’s successes, or haven’t yet gotten started with ThruText or ThruTalk and want to get the ball rolling today, drop us a line.

Here’s to another year of doing good, and doing it well.


Cat Allen

Cat joined the GetThru Team to merge her professional background in advertising and brand strategy with her personal passion of organizing for progressive causes and candidates. Cat is based in Memphis, TN, and when she isn't organizing around local and state issues, she's raising one pretty exceptional daughter, cooking, painting, and petting all the dogs.

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