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The latest news, strategy and insights from GetThru and our clients.

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In the News

Meet Our New CEO!

Allow us to introduce you!

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Navigating 10DLC Challenges: Insights & Solutions from GetThru's Expertise

Uncover the journey of 10DLC compliance with GetThru's firsthand experiences. From billion-text campaigns to innovative tech solutions, learn how to overcome 10DLC hurdles and enhance your messaging strategy. Join the forefront of social impact technology with our expert guidance.

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Reunited and It Feels So Good: GetThru at Netroots 2022!

Can we just start by saying that downtown Pittsburgh is a straight up vibe? Great, now that we’ve established that…

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Pride — No Matter What.

Some reflections on Pride Month as we close it out and face uncertainty with resolve. And of course, with pride.

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22 Initial Messages for Fundraisers to Use in 2022

An initial message can be like a first impression, so make sure you put your best digital foot forward with these 22 conversation starters for schools and education fundraisers!

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GetThru Announces $600K in Funding to Progressive Organizations

A record-setting year for the company’s grantmaking efforts goes to organizations training the future of the movement, pushing for progressive policy.

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2021: GetThru's Best of the Blog

Whether your focus is ending 2021 strong or hitting the ground of 2022 running (or both!), we’ve rounded up some of our best how-tos and guides to help you give your calling and texting programs a boost.

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Engagement Texting for Education: A Best Practices Guide

Texting is more than a great tool for fundraising — mixing in engagement texts periodically is a great way to enrich your school's texting program. Read on for our best practices to get started!

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5 Ways Your Texting Program Can Avoid Complaints

Every campaign should do its best to avoid texting complaints. Here’s a few expert tips for texting in a 10DLC world.

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Remote Work Challenges

In this post, GetThru's Founder & CEO Daniel Souweine talks about four key challenges of running a remote organization, along with some of the tactics we use to respond at GetThru.

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GetThru's Got a New Look!

Take a look at the refresh — plus how it relates to the future of ThruTalk and ThruText!

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