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In the News

Meet Our New CEO!

Allow us to introduce you!

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Patch-Through Calling: How it Can Help Advocacy and Other Campaigns

Campaigns are embracing new technologies, including patch-through calling, more and more as they modernize their playbooks. Let’s take a look at this particular technique and which kinds of campaigns might benefit from it.

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Texting your way to a strong fiscal-year-end

For many educational institutions and nonprofits, the new fiscal year is but a few weeks away. If you’re looking to close out this year strong, read on for ideas, tips, and tricks from our Education and Nonprofits team!

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The Future of Our Tools

We've got some exciting plans in the works for the future of ThruTalk and ThruText - read more to find out what we're up to!

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Phone Banking: Getting Your Campaign or Organization Started

Campaigns use phone banking to spread campaign messages, recruit volunteers, and more. Here’s how it works.

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An Update On TCPA

Here's what we know so far about the recent Supreme Court ruling.

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GetThru’s 2020 — By the Numbers

Take a look at the victories GetThru users had this year

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How To Build The Perfect Giving Tuesday P2P Texting Campaign

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Giving Tuesday is almost here!

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Getting Started with P2P Texting for Annual Giving

Since 2017, GetThru has worked with more than 300 colleges, universities, and independent schools to help them reach their goals by leveraging P2P texting.

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How to Do Deep Canvassing with Phone Banks and Texting

What is deep canvassing, and how can campaigns and organizations use it to make real connections that lead to lasting changes in opinion?

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How to Manage Remote Texting and Calling Programs During COVID-19

Maintaining a high quality calling and texting program is still possible. Here’s how.

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